F.S.-Paradesea Dac

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F.S.-Paradesea Dac
« on: 22 Jan 2007, 04:09 am »
I paid 500 dollars plus 35 shipping and added a NOS  WE 396a for 35 shipped.
Also comes with a Nos Chelmer Valve 2c51 from England which to my ear sounds as good  as a WE 396a. I think the Chelmers are 1950-1960  origin.The GE 2c51 is included also for 3 tube rolling tubes.There is probably 50 hours on the GE,100 hours on the WE 396a, and 50 hours on the chelmer which is what I kept in the Dac for my listening.There is a thread on this dac that some equipment cause some noise with this dac. I found with my transport it is dead silent on optical out but has a small amount of noise when used with the bnc output. But of course its a cheap 25 dollar transport out of china. The noise doesnt start untill about 12 to 1 oclock on my amplifier and is at earbleed levels before I hear it  so it doesnt interfere with my listining.But I needed to bring this up and there is a topic here about it. A lot of people dont have any noise at all, depending on the equipment used.I think my issue is a ground loop issue since it doesnt do it on optical out at all.
The transport is a PC link from here--
 I am going to buy another transport so I can include this as well. It was about 45 shipped and it does work with asio4all. Also I changed the RCA input to a BNC iinput.
I have about 625.00 Us Dollars in this and well sell it for 400.00 shipped payed through paypal.
My Feedack on ebay-
The auction

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