Sony TTS-3000A Audiophile turntable with AR arm.

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Sony TTS-3000A Audiophile turntable with AR arm.
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Sony TTS-3000A Audiophile turntable with AR arm (Jelco SA-250ST).

This is a fabulous vintage table in excellent condition. 1966/67.

I’ve had this table for over 10 years and have gotten enjoyable usage. Unfortunately I don’t find myself playing vinyl very much and have no place to store it.

Table includes a tonearm cable (not pictured) and it has a NEW belt purchased a couple of months ago.

Everything works well and it sounds great, it was used with an Ortofon X5 for most of the time I owned it. The spindle and brass socket are in excellent condition, no visible signs of wear.

The body on this table is in excellent condition, some of the photos of it make it look hazy but it’s not in person. I have occasionally treated the body with furniture polish to protect it. It looks great.

Packing will be meticulous. Buyer pays actually shipping cost via UPS.

I'm at a crossroads with this table.

I have an unopened Denon DP-500M table that I don’t think I’m keeping. I will be selling it below the lowest price available on the web. JR, Amazon and Needle Doctor are selling it for $699, I’ve seen it on Audiogon (selling new) for $569, its MSRP’s for $799. I’ll likely ask $550 for it, new and never opened.

If/when I sell the Denon and if I sell an Audio Technica PL-120 (modified) that I got less then a year ago, I’ll keep the 40 year old Sony and will never offer it for sale again. It’ll either be used by me or packed up and put in the attic. But I’ll likely use it, it works great and sounds wonderful, it also has a nice sounding arm and can easily accommodate another arm. I’ll have an acrylic dust cover made for it. Its dimensions are 19.5w X 16.0d X 8.0h and its heavy.

If anyone is interested in it, speak up now before I decide to not sell it.

please email me with any questions at

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