Tube Vendors

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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #80 on: 25 Nov 2008, 09:30 am »
I order my tubes from The owner Scott is a great guy to deal with. I order a TAD, it was delivered but has a defect in it. I changed it to Wing C 6L6, without questions after 3 months of holding it as I was going to California where he resides. Changed it without a hitch and the Winged C is humming in my amp.


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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #81 on: 25 Nov 2008, 10:41 am »
Did anyone ever purchase tubes from this guy Boyle (forgot first name) who's associated somehow with the Chimera Labs in Texas.  I one time ordered a couple of RCA tubes from him.  Initially the guy seems very very nice (early transactions), but that time I didn't hear from him a while, then he said he had family business to take care of..... I never got my tubes (I paid of course).  Subsequent communications with him went dead. 

If he had family trouble, that's understandable.  But.... I suspected something else.  If anyone knows this person and shed some light on him, much appreciated.  The money was not a big sum ($20, $30 I think), just that he behaved strangely, so I wonder if anyone else might have dealt with him.

Thanks. :duh:


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #82 on: 25 Mar 2009, 03:05 pm »
Has anyone bought from "Tubes_of_the_week" on Agon?

He's close by.




Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #83 on: 25 Mar 2009, 03:49 pm »
Jim Mcshane is the best  :thumb:
I also like Doctercilantro ..didn't buy tubes yet from him but will soon
tube depot and Radio Electric supply are good as well


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #84 on: 27 Mar 2009, 02:42 am »
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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #85 on: 26 May 2009, 12:19 pm »
I look for vintage equipment collectors on the net (not Ebay) and find out if they have used tubes (small triode signal tubes and rectifiers)  for sale.  Many do.  I prefer to buy used tubes at this point, because I know what i am getting and prices are lower.  You have to hunt around.


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #86 on: 26 May 2009, 02:02 pm »
I've had great experience with these vendors recently:
SND Tubes --
Radio Electric Supply --
ESRC Tubes -

Not so great experience with AES lately.


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #87 on: 29 May 2009, 05:43 pm »
Anybody have experience with these tube vendors?

Fair Radio Sales -


BOI AudioWorks -

HiFiTubes -

Pacific Valve -


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #88 on: 29 May 2009, 05:58 pm »
Fair radio is suppose to be a great vendor.  Never tried any of the others.


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #89 on: 5 Jun 2009, 12:35 am »
if you want to try nos tubes get with paul_lindemann on audiogon


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #90 on: 1 Jul 2009, 10:10 am »
if you want to try nos tubes get with paul_lindemann on audiogon

Paul is a pleasure to deal with,,such a great attitude.


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #91 on: 13 Jul 2009, 02:42 am »
Recently bought from Doug's Tubes - Exceptionally fast service, they shipped within 24 hours and I had them 2 days later via priority mail, which was free except for $2.15 insurance. They are mostly for guitar players but they had was I was looking for (Penta KT88SC solid plate).  :thumb: :thumb:


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #92 on: 30 Sep 2009, 03:24 pm »
Thanks Mike. I have been slack on getting the site up, and baby #2 is on the way (a girl this time!), so now I have serious impetus to get stuff listed. Look in the next month and we should have something working.

Pricing aside:
I have had great trading/buying experiences with Paul Lindemann who can be found on Audiogon (GREAT pricing).
Tube Depot has good stuff.
Radio Electric Supply - Roy & Dale are good folks.
Upscale - Kevin is an honest guy and has really nice tubes.
Jim McShane - one of the best!



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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #93 on: 1 Oct 2009, 01:57 am »
Jim McShane.  My only tube purchasing experiences have been with Jim.  His prices are comparable with other vendors' lowest prices.  He is very knowledgeable, and his responsiveness is extraordinary.


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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #94 on: 4 Oct 2009, 06:01 am »
I don't know if this is the right place to do this, but I am looking for a pair of Sylvania GB5687 gold pin tubes for my Modwright SWL9.0SE, I do not care if they are used, will discuss other tubes that might work well in this piece


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #95 on: 14 Feb 2010, 10:46 pm »
Lets keep an eye out for each other for companies lagging behind of going belly-up. There are a few of them out there.

I'm having a response problem and slow service with Triode in Illinois.


Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #96 on: 15 Feb 2010, 12:18 pm »
Hi Wierdo,

Is Triode the full name of the company?  If so I'm not familiar with them.  Or did you mean Triode Electronics, Inc?  I notice the home page states they have moved to St. Charles but the info page still has the Chicago address and phone numbers so possibly they are still in the transition stage and as such are having a hard time maintaining a high level of communications and service.

My point is if you are going to post about a vendor that you are having difficulty with be clear as to the name and be courteous and professional.  It is easy to cross the line into "Dirty Laundry" and then the post will be deleted.  This serves no one.


Bob in St. Louis

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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #97 on: 16 Feb 2010, 09:00 pm »
I've heard Jim McShane's name too many times to not check him out.
Does anyone have a link? Simply typing his name on Google isn't much help, too many hits.



Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #98 on: 16 Feb 2010, 09:06 pm »


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Re: Tube Vendors
« Reply #99 on: 28 Feb 2010, 02:53 pm »
I've been very happy with:

The tube store went above and beyond the call when I found some bum Winged Cs in the batch.