High sensitive speakers advice please.

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Re: High sensitive speakers advice please.
« Reply #20 on: 1 Sep 2006, 03:24 pm »
Well since this thread looks to have finished, I'll use it to continue the tangent topic...

I received my pair of JBL 2123H's last night.  Whoa are those big mommas.  I mean the magnets not the cones.  They are seriously heavy woofers, almost as heavy as say my 12" TC2+ subwoofers, and this for a midrange woofer!   I guess that is what you get when you go hi-eff. 

They are seriously well built drivers.  The paper cone seems very stiff for a paper cone, not like a lot of hi-fi paper drivers.

My intentions are to start with using my Arvo Part woofers (u-baffle with 2 12" TC2+ per side) and these 10" midrange together with DDS Eng 1-90 horns and a compression driver I have not yet decided on.  The MT baffle will be removeable/modular to allow switching between the Seas W22/waveguide loaded R28a tweeter.  The DEQX allows for a few projects to be stored so the alternating should be easy enough.  Ultimately though the hi-eff setup will likely be broken out into its own system and mated with a hi-eff pro 15" woofer below.  I think the DEQX should assist me in the crossover design when things get cemented.


Re: High sensitive speakers advice please.
« Reply #21 on: 4 Sep 2006, 04:55 pm »
I decided on the woofers to mate with them.  I just picked up 4 Lambda TD15s.  At 95db each, they will provide a raw 98db in pairs.  Plenty of sensitivity to keep up with the JBL & compression driver.   

I had planned to wait a bit on the woofers, but opportunity happened.