candela by odyssey

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candela by odyssey
« on: 5 May 2006, 02:11 pm »
ive been with the new candela for a week so far-its a new tube pre designed in house by odyssey-uses all top line parts like sonicaps so you dont have to worry about upgrades-

its a winner as far as im concerned,has all the strong attributes of the tempest with a little more sweetness-

rock solid images with a nice wide and deap sound stage-no smear at all-

bass is fast and hard,not bloated-

vocals are so nice-

sweet shimmer on the top end-

the candela tube pre will replace the tempest that i am certain,it does everything the tempest does, just does it with tubes and adds a sweet seductiveness to the music-i was more than happy with my tempest and wasnt worried about replacing it-glad klaus gave me the opportunity to be first for the candela-its just another winner from odyssey-

again thanx klaus-
just wish i was more poetic so i could write a better review-

equipment used-
odyssey ex monos powering rick craig 3.5 ways
odyssey monos powering a vmps large sub
candela pre
jungson tuna
shangya s10 cdp-
various interconects-

alison kraus and union station live,jack johnson-his first 3, big head tod-live monsters, csn-carry on , sublime-millenium collection , super tramp-the very best of, janes adiction-live demos and out takes , blind melon, dave mathews,lave from central park and live from folsom field------------------- :mrgreen:  among a few