Ref. 3a Quality Control?

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Ref. 3a Quality Control?
« on: 31 Jan 2006, 09:06 pm »
Hi, is this post on AC from a Reference 3a owner the exception rather than the rule?...

I am disappointed with the quality-control at Reference 3a. The aluminum shipping cases, which are way cool, look a little beat up, and there was no evidence on the exterior of the cardboard shipping boxes to indicate undue abuse in transit. The mesh covering on the sides is dirty, scarred and has a few quite large bubbles. One of the binding-post plates is shiny and beautiful and the other is covered with some sort of grunge beneath which no shine is evident. Also, the Corian finish on both speakers has lines and swirls that cannot be polished out. Considering the cost of these speakers, this is intolerable. Lucky they sound so good.