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Zu Cable & Speakers
« Reply #20 on: 11 Jan 2006, 10:06 pm »
Regarding compression: A first cellist from the SF Ballet bought a pair of speakers from me (10" 3-ways I built).  We visited the ballet several times thereafter.    

One Christmas season the CEO & I saw The Nutcracker.  We sat way up in the balcony, several rows back.  We had good vision of the ballet dancers but the orchestra was mostly hidden.  The sound of the triangle was exceptionally memorable.  It was as if it was several feet away even though it may have been 100+.  The triangle's absolute crystaline clarity, the uncompressed leading edge transients followed by its peak loudness, reverberation & final decay are etched in my mind.  It was all that & more, though it blended perfectly with the music & never drew attention to itself.  It made me happy.  I thought, oh how soothing & healing live music is compared to reproduced.

One particular recording, Christopher Donanyi's version (my favorite) of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, has great triangle effects in the 4th movement when reproduced well.  

The closest I've heard recorded treble get to that live triangle is through my buddy's home built (not expensive) 300B SET amp.  I have become thoroughly convinced silicone is incapable of reproducing treble as well as a tube filament, but as always YMMV.  His amp is in storage & he offered to loan it to me.  After I get rid of my huge TV & redo my room, I plan to use it for treble only.  His amp gets razor close to that ballet treble effect, way better than second (my current tube amp).  His 8W amp clipped powering an 88 dB mid-treble array, but should be fine powering a 96 dB tweeter only.


Zu Cable & Speakers
« Reply #21 on: 14 Jan 2006, 01:36 am »
Link from Stereophile about Zu at CES



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Zu Cable & Speakers
« Reply #22 on: 5 Apr 2006, 01:29 am »
Please excuse my mining but l found this a very interesting thread.

l live in Australia so these speakers cost even more $$ and are harder again to audition but l must say l am intriged to hear them. Some facets of the design are very appealing to me, the freedom to use ANY amp and not need to mess around with subs are big pluses.

miklorsmith, are you as happy as the day you brought your Zu's home and cranked them up? Have any other contributors to this thread had a chance to hear the Definitions again?

Cheers Simon


Zu Cable & Speakers
« Reply #23 on: 5 Apr 2006, 01:34 am »

I have owned my Definions for 2 years. They are the first version with the black tweeter. Once they came into my home, I have not had any urges to audition anything else. They truly are a very revealing speaker and are so smooth to listen to.

I enjoy them copletely.


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Re: Zu Cable & Speakers
« Reply #24 on: 31 Jan 2007, 02:54 am »

I'm late to the party but if you are still interested I can offer you more Zu Definition experience.
Mine arrived last June, about 8 months ago and were put to work immediately. I bought the Pro model which is bi-amped rather than the powered woofer model. They are very fast, very dynamic and very efficient. All of that is true. They also are completely full range, able to play very loud and as danceable as a live show. I have records and CDs of piano and have never noticed any coloration. But, to be safe in this claim, I enlisted the services of a piano tuner. He had a bit of a quibble with the extreme treble but felt everything else was most convincing.
At present I am powering the Defs with a Red Wine Audio Sig 30 amplifier.