My REF HT is finally finished (and other tall tales)...

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At the Midwest Audiofest I picked up my nOrh column 9.0 speakers for side surrounds.

I had recently sold 2 of my RG4's back to Klaus and was needing an amp for the speakers when a chance conversation led to me using my Sansui AU-X1 Int. amp for power amp only purposes.

Anyway, The wife picked up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Good Friday for us to watch.  All worked great, but then Sunday evening when I went to play a DVD-A, I found the B&K Ref 50 pre pro all mucked up :evil:

Nothing I tried would get it back to normal operation.  Monday I got up early, read the manual and had it reset itself back to factory defaults.  That cleared whatever bug it had, but last night I had to reset all the settings  :evil:

Anyway I ended up listening to some concert DVD's, Fleetwood Mac and Eagles, and thought that it sounded about as good as I could have hoped for.

So I think except for some odd tweaks here and there (maybe Eigth Nerve etc..) that my Ref HT is done.

Final system.

Speakers:  nOrh 9.0's for front 3 and back two, custom 9.0's for surrounds
Amps: Symphonic Line Kraft mono 400's FL/FR, SL RG4 Center, Odyssey DM for back, and Sansui AU-X1 for surrounds
Processor: B&K Ref 50
Source: Panasonic RP91
TV: Toshiba 71" RPTV (HDTV Ready)
Subs: 2 SVS Ultra's w/ Crown K2 amp and Art 351 Eq


My REF HT is finally finished (and other tall tales)...
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