Prospective Buyer - Questions Regarding Dulcet (edited)

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Hello All,

I figured this the best place to ask for advice :) I recently sold my Quad 21Ls, a friend was willing to buy them for what I paid 2 years ago for them and am in the process of downsizing so couldn't resist, and am looking to replace them.

Currently there are 3 candidate speakers:
Duntech PCL 10 (very musical and engaging)
ASW Genius 100 (Unable to hear listening to Genius 300 on weekend)
Reference 3A Dulcet (Unable to hear listening to DeCapos on weekend)

My system:
FT Audio LW1S2 Passive Pre-Amp
Monarchy SM-70 Amplifier
Kimber Silver Streak and KS 1030 (Still evaluating ICs)
Source to be either: Roksan Caspian or Creek CD50mk2

Room use is a 'small to medium' room.
My Musical Preference: Everything but country.

I'm looking for a very musical speaker that can handle everything I throw at it.  PRAT is important to me.  I don't really care about bass response, the PCL10 has a 4" driver and rolls off @ 80hz and sounded just fine in my room even with movies despite my previous Quads being measured -6 @ 25hz.  

The local Ref 3A dealer does not stock the Dulcets but has the DeCapos.  How representative of the Dulcet's sound are the DeCapos?  
Has anyone heard the Dulcet vs either of the speakers I mentioned?
Does anyone have experience matching the Dulcet with any of the equipment I mentioned?
The local dealer just picked up ASW and is 'enthusiastic' about them

I guess what I'm ultimately asking is if people who have spent time with the Dulcet's feel they will meet my listening preferences and match well with my gear. And if they have had the chance to compare to either of the other products I'm considering.

Thanks for your time,
- Nathan Klassen


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Prospective Buyer - Questions Regarding Dulcet (edited)
« Reply #1 on: 29 Aug 2005, 10:36 pm »
Sorry you didn't get more timely response. (I was on my way to summer holidays) Have you already made your purchase?  I can go on at great length about why I love the Dulcets, but perhaps its too late for your decision.  Superb imaging and soundstaging, and a wonderfully direct and open-throated access to the music, surprisingly big sound.  Even my wife comments on how much she likes them... I hear the Monarchy amp is a great match, but I haven't had the pleasure myself...