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Re: 8422
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Quote from: scottpretti
I found this on the belden site.  8422  Non-Paired - Microphone and Musical Instrument Cable.  Is this the cable to use?  I'm going to DIY some and do a test when I get my m-80 from Bolder. Are the shields used in the construction of the cable or are they left unconnected?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When I spoke to Dan, the shields and negative leads are grounded to the terminations at both ends.  Positive is the center pin.

I'm using DH Labs RCA-500 (from their Theater Select line) for the terminations with great success.  They're $4.50 each. (www.silversonic.com)

Good luck, they're great sounding cables... especially for $25/pr.


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IC Review
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Tyson; I think you are the last one on the list at the moment. If there is anyone else who wants to audition these cables please let me know.


Dan Banquer IC Review
« Reply #42 on: 7 Jun 2003, 06:41 am »
Well, I am sending the beldenators off to duff138 tomorrow, so it is high time that I put up my review of them.  Lucky for me I had a gaggle of cables on hand to do some comparisons with them, so I could get an idea of their sound compared to a wide variety of IC's.

I inserted the cables between my DAC and my preamp since in my experience this will show off differences more than switching between preamp and amp.  

The cables in the comparison were - Zu Oxyfuels, Kimber Hero's, the Beldenators, the (now discontinued) Bolder Type 1's, the Bolder silver bulleted M80's, and the Harmonic Tech Truth Links.

My system consists of:
VMPS RM40 speakers
Bolder Nitro Speaker wire with bybee'd biwire jumpers
AVA Fet/Valve 550ex
Bolder Bybee'd Nitro IC
AVA Transcendance 7 preamp
nOrh CD-1 used as a transport

I think I'll go from the cable's I liked least and lead up to the ones I like best.

Worst of the bunch was the Zu Oxyfuels.  Wow, bright, thin, and irritating sounding in my system.  Easily the worst sounding of the group.

Next in line were the Kimber Hero's.  Compared to the cables above it, it sounded quite boring - somewhat dark, somewhat rolled off, quashed dynamics, rather opaque.  These and the Oxyfuels were quickly discarded from the shootout.

The Beldenators were quite a step up over the Oxyfuels and Heros.  It was still a bit too forward sounding, with a bit too much emphasis on initial transients, and notes did not die down as quickly as they should.  But overall, they were a lot closer to the other cables in this review than the Oxyfuels.  Soundstage width was quite good, but depth was truncated.  Tonally they were fairly neutral, but did not give quite the body to the lower mids that some of the others did.  The strengths of this cable is that it did not quash dynamics, and it had a high toe tapping factor.

The Bolder Type 1's were next.  They were actually quite similar to the Beldenators, the main difference is that the soundstage depth was not quite as truncated, and the notes "settled" faster, and there was a bit more seperation between individual sounds.  But, like the Beldenators, they tended to get a little confused sounding when the music started to get busy with multiple instruments.

Next up were the Harmonic Tech Truth-Links.  These had a very different flavor compared to the M80's, Type 1's, and Beldenators.  They were much more laid back.  The tended to constrict dynamics just a bit, and tended to round off some transient attack.  But, they got the gestalt of the music right, and the music just flowed beautifully with them in the system.  I liked them quite a bit.  Not better than the M80's, but I think they are a good alternative to them, especially if you are looking for a different type of sound.

M80s - still my favorite inexpensive cable, at half the price of the excellent Truth Links, the m80's are a great bargain.  The M80's have more in common with the Beldenators than with the Truth Links, in that they do not squash dynamics (in fact dynamics were really strong), and have very good toe tapping factor.  Plus they have the best bass of the cables tested here.  But where they really seperate from the pack is in transparency, with them in the system you hear every nuance of a vocal inflection, or every glint of a harmonic off of a violin solo.  Soundstage width and depth were excellent, transient attack was the best of the bunch, and the settling of notes was excellent (tied with the Type 1 in this area).

So are the M80's perfect?  No, they fall down compared to better cables (like the Bybee'd Nitro's) in smoothness, full reproduction of a venue's "space" and ambiance, and in tonal color (the tonal palate sounds richer and more varied with the Nitro's).  The M80's are also a touch forward sounding.

So there you have it, comments are welcome.

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« Reply #43 on: 7 Jun 2003, 10:49 am »
Tyson: Thank you for taking the time to review the "Beldenators".


Dan Banquer IC Review
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dan have you tried these with bullit plugs yet?

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Bullit Plugs
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No I haven't. I am very happy with the RCA connectors I use now. They are heavy duty, gold plated, and the price is very reasonable.


Dan Banquer IC Review
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Tyson's descriptions are excellent and I wish I could write descriptive reviews like his.  I would say Tyson's comments of the Beldenators and the M80's are very similar to my findings...

I think the silver bullits must add a little bit more to the sound quality.... because the ones I compared were the standard Eichmann plugs.  I found the Beldenators to be 90-95% as good the standard M80's whereas that margin may be wider with the silver termination.

I'll be comparing the Beldenators to Audience Conductor soon.


Dan Banquer IC Review
« Reply #47 on: 8 Jun 2003, 01:07 am »
I thought the beldenators were about 90% of the Type 1's, but the M80's were better than both of those cables.  Some of it is undoubtedly system dependend.


Dan Banquer IC Review
« Reply #48 on: 9 Jun 2003, 12:17 pm »
I wonder how much of the sound quality is attributed to the termination.  For example, how would the M80 without the bullet plug compare to the Beldennator.

Tyson, do you have the M80 without the bullet plug around to check this?  Would appreciate any input on this.


Dan Banquer IC Review
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No, only have the m80's w/the silver bullet plugs, sorry. . . I don't know if the m80's were ever made w/anything but the bullet plugs. . .


Dan Banquer IC Review
« Reply #50 on: 11 Jun 2003, 06:38 pm »
got them yesterday.  will listen to them and comment on them by the weekend.


Dan Banquer IC Review
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I've been extremely busy the past few weeks.  Just bought a Condo and I'm expecting a baby in a month and a half.  Surprisingly I managed to find a little time and sat down for a bit and listened to the cables.  Actually I threw them in the first day I got them and kept them in my system for three days while doing casual listening.  I was very impressed and did not feel the need to switch them out of my system.

  Cables in comparison:  Dan's Beldenator, Bolder m80, JPS Labs ultraconductor.

I listened to these cables between my cd player and integrated amp, and between my phono amp and integrated amp.  Most of it was done with the CD player simply because I found it easier and quicker.  Usually I use the Bolder m80 for my phono amp and the JPS Labs for the cd player.

quick review:

  The JPS Labs are marketed as very neutral.  During my listening I could not tell the difference between these and Dan's Belden cables.  At 1/2 the price I was very impressed.  Maybe with further more critical listening I might be able to discern some differences, but I found that Dan's cables fit the description of the JPS labs.  They sounded extremely neutral.  
  Next I put the Bolder m80 cables in.  These cables are definitely on a different level.  The other two cables really don't have what the m80's offer.  The music really comes alive with the m80.  The bass is definitely there with the m80.  Everything improved with the m80, when compared to the other two cables.  


  At this price I think that Dan's cables are great.  If I get an Sacd player and want to use the multi channel feature, what's it take 6 cables,  I'd
probably purchase Dan's cables since they are so affordable.  Since money is tight for me know I would probably even buy these if I needed to hook up another piece of equipment  (maybe even the  headphone amp I'm hoping to build).
  If I had some money though I would probably replace my JPS Labs with some Bolder m80's.  


Music listened to during comparison:

Dido "No Angel"
EYEHATEGOD "In the Name of Suffering"
Aimee Mann "Bachelor No 2"
Converge "Jane Doe"

Amp:            Audio Aero Prima integrated amp  
Speakers:       Axiom m22ti
CD Player:      California Audio Labs DX-2  
Turntable:      VPI HW-19 mk 3  cartridge clearaudio virtuoso wood mk2
                rega rb300 express heavyweight
phono amp:      monolithic phono stage  w/ upgraded power supply
Interconnects:  JPS Labs ultraconductor (cd player -> amp)
                The Bolder Cable Company M-80 (phono -> amp)  
 Speaker Cables: ZU Julian

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Cable Review
« Reply #52 on: 16 Jun 2003, 03:25 pm »
Thanks for taking the time to review the "Beldenators" . If there is anyone elso who would like to review these please respond to this thread or contact me.