Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....

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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #60 on: 8 May 2005, 06:17 pm »
Hi Doug,

My first digital amp was the Carver 1600...which I
thought was the cat's meow when I first started using
it...Jesse, Dan, and Matt had already figured out that
a paradigm shift was occurring in audio technology...
and on the cheap!!! Of course there were expensive
examples of this technology...but here was a reasonably
priced "accident"...the Carver Professional amp was
meant to be used by musicians for stage work...not even
considered for audio buffs as their main home unit...
it had several op amps that degraded the sound and
several audio services offered moded versions...

I needed a preamp to use the thing since the built-in
volume control was terrible...and I opted for a passive
device...soon it became apparent to me that the Carver's
high frequency range was glassy and edgy...to bring it
under control I began to look for a tube preamp...

Dan with his hawk eyes spotted Albert's/Space Tech Labs
QA-001 preamp on Audiogon for considerably less than a new one
was going for (new $400.) and I purchased it...as usual Dan did his
homework and was able to refer me to several posts that claimed the little
thing stood up to highly touted pre's costing loads more money...

It helped a bit...but the Carver has a mind of his own...nothing
could tame that brut! And the mod by Eighth Nerve killed the amps
potency and "drive" and bass authority...it was also a rather unpleasant
experience working with them...As its reputation soared so did its price
and I sold it for what I purchased it for...which helped finance
my Omega speakers...

Albert is a very fine designer...he has more amp iterations than
Ben and Gerry have flavors of ice cream...but he apparently knows
what is doing...of course it would be nice if Albert could reign-in
his tendency to sell you more than you need...but he has to earn
a living too and perhaps he is right that his more expensive stuff actually
sounds better...but that is not always the point is it? Budget constraints
are real and should be an important factor when he makes recommendations...
not a big concern however...

And of course you are right, Doug...he is yet another designer who is
making buffer stages that may just be the magic that would allow
Vinnie's ClariT...in stock version anyway...to match the impedance
anomalies between various CD/dac players and his amp...if the system
seems to be calling for it...I realize that there are many many owners of
the stock ClariT that are thrilled with what they are hearing and many
are seasoned audio buffs who know what they are listening for and to...

Thanks for your careful overview of what may become an increasingly
important addition to our signal chain...especially with digital amps...

Warm regards -Richard-


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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #61 on: 8 May 2005, 06:41 pm »

You are good scientist...great work!!!

A really first rate experimentation into the potential
for a buffer stage to tighten things up and focus the
signal for improved resolution...

You have presented us with an invaluable experience
that can help to consider the usefulness of these devices
in our systems...

If you have any links to the DVaudio SR 10 it would be
very helpful...

Thanks for sharing this information with us...and any other
insights you have would be deeply appreciated...

Warm regards -Richard-

doug s.

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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #62 on: 8 May 2005, 07:18 pm »
re: digital amps, i am presently enjoying a stock sharp sd-ex111, so i know a li'l bit about this, too!  :wink:  certainly sounds way better than it has any right to sound, especially considering it cost me ~$90 shipped.   :)   it doesn't need buffer stage help, tho - my modded melos preamp feeds it yust fine.  i got my set amps back from audio mirror three weeks ago (updated to latest spec so i can check bias w/o removing the underside cover), and i still haven't re-connected them, as i am enjoying the sharp yust fine!  we'll see what i think when i decide to re-connect the set amps.  i can tell you this much, tho.  when summer heat comes, i will likely use the sharp regardless of how much better (if any) the set's are.  they idle along at 360w *each* - one reason to prefer digital amps!  :wink:

it's the tunas (and mebbe my dac?) that i like to use buffer stages for...  but, as i mentioned prewiously, when my pre was out for updates, the buffer stage certainly helped s/s & passive pre's, even when feeding tubed amps...

re: the bvaudio buffer, i found this rewiew:

a link to their site:

doug s.


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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #63 on: 8 May 2005, 08:39 pm »
Hi Doug,

I read the review you were kind enough to provide
a link for of the BVaudio SR-10 Sound Refiner...
written by Mike Healey...rather inconclusive...seems
it does not work in systems that already have a fully
fleshed out midrange...

His conclusion:
"...Who should investigate the Sound Refiner? Anyone whose
music system could use a boost in midrange fullness and dynamics
(particularly in the lower frequencies) or a little extra smoothness..."

This is really sound shaping isn't it...which is quite alright in and by itself...
The future of audio resides in sound shaping that is easy, cheap, built-in
to the equipment, not dependent on computers, and extremely user friendly...

That is what we tweakers crave...although I for one do not especially enjoy
endless tweaking of components...yet I understood from first hand experience
that to make magic happen one must be very pragmatic and dogmatic in
pursuing the details of any techno-strategy...

That is what we are doing isn't it when we replace stock components with
super components like Black Gate capacitors or the endless parade of upgrades
we all find so invaluable in order to get our systems to move to a higher level
of resolution and richness of the musics harmonic structure we know is
there...hidden and embedded in our CD's?

We who are avid members of AC have become designers ourselves in a
very real sense and in absolute terms...we try to second guess where the
blocks are in our systems to allow them to open up and give us the magic
we crave...and we are willing to purchase an endless stream of products
in our pursuit for the sound we know is possible but not necessarily
evident...until we locate it through our trial and error experimentation...

I am not saying there is not a certain measure of fun in this...

We were all hunters after all...stalking our game with cunning and
patience and skill...our tribe depended on our abilities in the hunt in order
to survive...at least some of the time...during growing season we collected
everything nature gave to us freely and in abundance...roots, seeds,
tubers, leaves, fruits, certain green stems, wild vegetables, including later
our own cultivated crops...but after the fierce period of the ice age where we
hunted huge dangerous animals in large hunting groups, were nature was
buried under the ice...our hunting skills still gave us the sustenance we needed
and was often the difference between life and death...Dad was a provider in the
realist sense imaginable then...

Now we have all been diminished to consumers...degraded by corporate
forces that have co-opted our lives and placed us under their regime...all
very hush hush mind you...a subliminal game going on of hidden agendas...

So what has happened to the hunter?

He has gone underground...temporarily...and re-emerged as an audiophile!

And so we hunt for the sound that will take us back to the zone...the mysterious
places we still remember in our collective unconscious as a sacred dwelling...
it is none other than the earth as it once was...alive! and beneficent! overflowing
with life and mystery!

And so it is not surprising that we spend whatever time it takes to read and study
and hone our skills for research and development in order to find and locate
where the magic is in our musical life...

Why?...because we must continue to practice our hunting skills...we must keep
that part of our masculine life intact...that is what we are...that is our birthright
as providers for the tribe...now retranslated into a "hobby"...and that is why we
often find ourselves in conflict with our wives or girl friends over this hobby...
because we sense that there is something inherently masculine in our
investigations...and there is!

It is the hunter hunting...and we will catch our game...

Warm regards -Richard-


Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #64 on: 8 May 2005, 11:14 pm »
Richard said
" Why?...because we must continue to practice our hunting skills...we must keep
that part of our masculine life intact...that is what we are...that is our birthright
as providers for the tribe...now retranslated into a "hobby"...and that is why we
often find ourselves in conflict with our wives or girl friends over this hobby...
because we sense that there is something inherently masculine in our
investigations...and there is!"
  That is a mouthful and absolutely true! I think I'll start a thread inviting female audiophiles ( if there are any out there) to please come forth and share their opinions.


Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #65 on: 9 May 2005, 12:20 am »
Richard I'm more of a tweaker and dreamer than a scientist  :lol:
Yeap I read that review also. It was very inconclusive.
I've tried the little unit in two very different systems. Single drivers and Planar hybrids both with plenty of midrange. One with a passive the other with active tube preamp. It was very easy to hear what the unit was doing in either system. My friend like it so much..he bought one.That's how we were able to use two in the same system.

The experience with it has convinced me to try battery powered buffers in the signal path. This will be a first for me. Never heard or seen this done before.  The little ClariT has sent me on the hunt. I miss my little ClariT dearly. My Omegas and Modded Toshiba also...hopefully all will return to me soon.
Everthing is going through a metamorphic change including the Omegas.

I've become addicted to the transparency of a passive.Thanks to the ClariT.
I'm trying to get the good side of an active preamp without the abundance of components in the signal path.Which seem to mask a tad bit of the information on the disc IMHO.
None will be the same when they return... After it all returns I will take
a couple of pics.No one will believe this new amplifier used to be my ClariT. :o


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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #66 on: 9 May 2005, 12:40 am »
Of course Fabaudio, but first let me say a word or two
(me say a word or two?) about what has happened to the
classic female role since the 9 thousand year period of the increasing
hegemony of the state "culture"...the mega state... has broken down
our original human model of the "complete" women and the complete
man...our intact nature that had powers and energies we can only
dream about today...

First...according to the latest anthropological studies...women were most
certainly the great inventors of what we have come to think of as our "culture"...
They invented the spade and the hoe...they made art....they domesticated
plants through the careful application of the scientific method which includes
the hyberdizing of plants into larger and more complex species...
they invented the use of ceramics...in many cultures it is/was the women
who built the shelters/homes, founded and developed the skills for weaving
and making cloth from animal skins...

So much of what we have come to think of as the root of our civilization
was brought into this world through the skilled hands of women...
and without their domestication of plants we would not be here now...

Men made certain tools, made art, weapons, hunted and set traps...

It is now understood that even the hunt...and we are speaking of the
period after the ice age with huge hunts conducted by large groups
to bring down huge dangerous animals...women participated in a
group hunt effort...especially in corralling animals...like lions for example...
into specific areas where the hunters could better control them...

However...even though there were many instances where men and
women shared responsibilities...such a teaching children the skills
of survival...or hunting...or tool making...or nurturing of children...
there seems to be strong evidence that men and women divided
their responsibilities for the sake of family life...

It made sense for women to actively collect and hyberdize wild plants while
they cared for young children while the men went out to hunt...for example...

Both men and women were Shaman...that is clear...both had great spiritual
powers...and most tribal cultures...our ancestors...had women and men
who acted as keepers of the laws...or wisdom...or shamanic powers...
were spiritual guides and all the rest of it...

However the tribal cultures of the our collective past were shaped by
women...and that is why peace was the rule of order...not that there
was not internecine wars or conflicts...there were...but they were
not the rule of order of that long stretch of human life...we are talking
of hundreds of thousands of years here...perhaps millions which seems
more likely...

Then came a shift in that order of human life...about 9000 years ago
men began to break with the need for collective cooperation among
each other and certain men placed their wills against all others and
began to proclaim a higher status for themselves...they began to kill
anyone who challenged their self-proclaimed authority...

In other words a serious break down occurred in the human order that
was up to that time shaped by women...men overthrow women’s place as
the divine principle of life...the female as "model" for human collective
cooperation...and the model for how cosmic life organized itself within
the heavens...

These new psychologically violent men began to reorganize our tribal
culture into mega states...thus the Yellow River cultures of China...
the Nile culture of Egypt...the Tigres and Euphrates culture of Mesopotamia
formed around the deliberate fragmentation of the human model...now
women and men were stripped of their original completeness as human
beings and forced to take specific roles that would make the huge wheel
of the mega state revolve around its self-interest...

And women were disinherited of their former power and important roles
in the tribal society and sequestered into the home to occupy themselves
almost solely as child rearers...

Men were coerced into the fragmented roles of soldier, priest, carpenter,
farmer, merchant, and so on...and with that fragmentation came the great
depression that settled over men and women and is still with us today...

The greater the mega state grew...and they grew to unbelievable proportions
due directly to mass farming which made dependable food resources available
for the first time in human history (that we now know about in any case)...the lower
down this artificial and forced caste system the true human model was thrust down...

And here we are today...still in the grip of the mega state...and we are still trying
desperately to recover our human birth right...to be whole...to be actively involved
in the great mystery without the intermediation of the religions or the state to tell
us how we are supposed to live and think...an even how to make love...

Our natural life has been stripped from us and we are naked and without
redress to claim what was ours by birth right...by these megalomanical
personalities that demand our allegiance or suffer the consequences...

My pointing out that within the quest for a "higher" level of sound reproduction
resides the remnants of our former "nature" is merely to suggest a motive for
our intense involvement as audio hobbyists...and my pointing to the male
role of hunter as now intrinsically lost to us was to use a metaphor...

If we were still operating along tribal lines...the male would be the "keeper"
of the electric "voice" of music owing to our overwhelming involvement in
audio...in other words we would find ourselves doing exactly what we
do now...except women would not be antagonistic...as many men suggest
in these threads...and women would have their own archetypal roles that
men would have to respect in their turn...

As it is we are at war with each other because our archetypal roles are
no longer clear and there is great confusion everywhere...the break down
of the family is part agenda of corporate forces that want to control and
dominate us...and part the evolution into the next "order" of the human
family which must be determined and understood...and this in the face of
the upcoming appearance among us of Robots, Clones, Artificial
Intelligence with its presence everywhere and in everything, and god
knows what else..."we ain't seen nothing yet"

Women must regain their power and role as spiritual beings...men will
not give it to them...our egos are too underdeveloped at this time...
so they must fashion it themselves from what is now available to them...
which they are certainly doing...the trick is to do it without waging a war
against men...but to work with them in cooperation...that takes enormous
maturity on the part of men and women...and I do not see that kind of
maturity yet...so I guess we are in for further conflict and suffering on that

One more thing...I hate the idea of men using high powered rifles to kill
animals in the wild...for sport...Deb and I are both archers and we use
the traditional bow...not for killing mind you...but to practice the zen of archery
for its own sake...

Killing animals with powerful weapons such as high powered rifles is
cowardice...let them go out and do it with hand to hand combat as my
Native American friends once (I was deeply involved in Native American
spiritual life for some time in the past) did and lets see who wins...
that would be a manly thing to do in my estimation...no?
then leave the wild animals alone and become their protectors instead...
that would also be a manly thing to do...

So now let's bring on the ladies...and let the dialogue continue...

Warm regards -Richard-


Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #67 on: 9 May 2005, 01:07 am »
Hello Richard,
 I often wonder if you've ever written a book. If you haven't 'tis a crying shame. And i also find it amusing how we can take a thread way,way out there :lol:



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Looking for a 2A3 SET amp for my Omega 8R's....
« Reply #68 on: 9 May 2005, 01:26 am »

"...Everything is going through a metamorphic change
including the Omegas..."

OK you certainly have my attention...this sounds very
interesting indeed...I am excited to hear what exactly you are
doing and how you are "fashioning" your ClariT and other
audio "instruments" into their new lives...including your Omega's...

I assume since your cabinet was already of larger size than the "standard"
unit that Louie was using for the Grand 8's that you will be able to have
the hemp driver inserted without much trouble...but I am guessing here...

There is a lot we have in common besides the Omega 8's including a
passion for finding the next level of audio magic...

Please keep us informed.

Warm regards -Richard-