My Zeus Speakers

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Re: My Zeus Speakers
« Reply #20 on: 21 Jun 2021, 03:12 pm »
Rectifier for the 300r finally came in.  We thought the Recti was lost in the mail.  Well, the day after he shipped the replacement the original one arrived.  Ill be using the second 5U4G in my Allnic H3000 phonostage, need to mod the power supply a bit to make it fit but that will be a fun project.  Hopefully, the 300r will come in next month.


Re: My Zeus Speakers
« Reply #21 on: 29 Jul 2021, 12:15 pm »
I have had the Air Tight 300R for a couple weeks.

Tube compliment:
Elrog 300B-Mo
Elrog 5U4G
Amerpex Bugle Boy 59’ D-Getter

I think it is a good match. The Air Tight is super quiet and very sensitive, which was the goal in pairing my EMIA Ag Autoformer. I have more than enough gain. Since The 300R is sensitive I can attenuate my phonostage a bit resulting in a noticeable noise floor drop.

The Air Tight is still breaking in and changing a little bit everyday but so far it is a winner. I don’t think I have heard a reproduced single guitar pluck have so much detail. Same with snare hits. At first I thought there was less bass but after spending a few days with it I realized there isn’t less bass but more gradation in each bass note, it is kind of trippy.