Aerospace Engineer Expanding List of Hobbies. My wife loves it!?

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Hi All,

Covid, well, it has effected us all. I have to be one of thousands of people who have said, wouldn't it be nice while working remotely to be able to listen to some sweet tunes in my office? Then you start looking into what it takes to achieve a great sounding system, and how much you can potentially spend. I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole can go.

I've started off reasonably I think (some may beg to differ) with a PS Audio Sprout100 integrated dac, speaker amp and headphone amp, a pair of open box Klipsch RP-600m speakers immediately followed by a purchase of the associated upgrade kit from GR-Research, which is a fun little introduction to the world of DIY Audio. Naturally, as with most things in life, what you can get with some sweat equity far exceeds what you can buy commercially, so it's abundantly evident to me that building some custom speakers is very much in my future.

While the wife may not appreciate it as much as I do, I have five little kids (between 2 and 10) and I can justify blasting the music so long as I host dance parties for the little ones while doing it. Does it mean that Disney music is highly featured? Sure it does, but dang it does sound pretty good in hi-res I'll say that much.

By the way, live in southern NJ, in Philadelphia sports territory, not that there is very much to celebrate in that area these days. Even more reasons (including the recent snow storms) to enter into this hobby. Hopefully I am able to properly consider the "law of diminishing returns" as I enter more deeply into this thing. I have a feeling a nice custom set of GR-research speakers (maybe a pair of x-static) and a servo sub (or two) might be my "end game" but I suppose time will tell on that...



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Welcome Jim :thumb:

Phil A



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music (good music) is important to children's education and development




    Welcome to the AC. And yes PS Audio Sprout and Klipsch RP-600M with GR Research upgrade sounds like a good start to me  :thumb:




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Suggest starting out by realizing that loudspeakers are the most important part of the audio reproduction system and the room is second.  Recommend reading Floyd Toole's "Sound Reproduction" to learn the relationship between the two.  Many audiophiles never really accept that much and frustrate themselves chasing minutia.  Take that from a retired engineer with 40+ years at this.


Welcome. Grew up in Delaware County, PA. Worked in Philly for a number of years. Die hard Philly sports fan. Now live in Central PA.

Have fun!

Don P