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« on: 31 Jan 2021, 01:08 pm »
Hello, this is Welson and I live in Urbana, MD. I am a regular audiophile with interest to exchange information as well as to buy and sell equipment. I have attended the Capital Audiofest since 2014 and hope it will happen again this year with the pandemic under control. Look forward to participating in this circle.


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Re: Introduction
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jan 2021, 01:57 pm »
Welcome.  Most of us on this circle here have attended the show, I've missed the last two, but made most of them previously.   Gary Gill has hosted a few gtg's at his home in Baltimore over the years, lots of fun.  This circle is pretty inactive until show time, other gtg's have kinda died out over the years.  You might put an intro on the Starting Block/Introductions circle as well in order to reach the wider community on AC, it's really the best audio board on the web.


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Re: Introduction
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Welcome to MAAC!

SoMD member here.  Hopefully we can all attend shows this year.  Sounds like The Show in CA is happening in June, so that will be a good indicator for other shows.