Favorite Clean Feed Label releases

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Favorite Clean Feed Label releases
« on: 20 Nov 2020, 04:29 pm »
Online server samples make it fairly easy to check out most Clean Feed releases, but like many here I'm guessing your LP and CD sourced system is much better set up for critical listening, so I'm hoping to get some member recommendations for titles to pick up. Admittedly some of the Clean Feed catalog is pretty hard to digest and maybe too avant / experimental for most consumers, (myself included), but nearly everything they put out is exceptionally well recorded. One of my recent favorites is OZO, (prepared piano and drums). Anyone who appreciates the narcotic properties of instrumental sections from bands like Can or King Crimson will likely enjoy this a lot. There is a level of focus and textural richness on this recording that isn't easy to come by. Any recommendations from other labels, (like Tzadik, TUM, ECM, Hat or BMC) that hit some of the same neural areas will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Favorite Clean Feed Label releases
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Re: Favorite Clean Feed Label releases
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Greetings & Welcome to AC DGoosen   :thumb:  Not familiar with the term or the group, will have to check it out. As to ECM, consistently excellent releases on all formats since inception. Manfred has always gotten it right.