New Songtower II?

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New Songtower II?
« on: 5 Nov 2020, 06:52 pm »
While I eagerly await my Song3s (Salk on the brain!), around 3 am I saw Mr. Salk posted a pair of speakers on Instagram with “Songtower II” label....they look pretty!

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Re: New Songtower II?
« Reply #1 on: 5 Nov 2020, 07:12 pm »
Yes indeed, new Salk Songtower IIs.

i ordered a pair for myself.  New ceramic cone woofers, new Air Motion Transformer tweeter, crossover upgraded by Dennis Murphy. cabinet shape and size similar to originals. Priced only a few hundred more then the original Songtowers which date back to 2008.

Its time I had a new set of Salk speakers here to play with.  I still have a pair of HT2 TLs in my AV system but looking forward to something even better from Jim.



Re: New Songtower II?
« Reply #2 on: 5 Nov 2020, 07:20 pm »
Details coming soon...

- Jim