preserving iTunes playlists on other players

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preserving iTunes playlists on other players
« on: 5 Oct 2020, 01:40 am »
I’m new, so I hope I’ll be forgiven if I’m asking a question that’s been posed before: I have created several different iTunes music libraries, totaling somewhere in excess of 1600 gigabytes. Those libraries were big enough that I couldn’t readily access the tracks without creating some large and complex playlists, with lots of deeply nested folders, subfolders, subsubfolders, etc. I’ve been okay with playing to my sound system from iTunes (using Mojave) on my Mac through a USB connector to an external DAC and then to my preamp. But iTunes is clunky, and I’ve wondered about using different players. Are there players out there that can accommodate my playlists? (Creating those playlists was very time-consuming, and I want to be able to continue using them.)