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« on: 16 Sep 2020, 01:45 am »
Hey AC! Just found out about audio circle while researching Salk speakers. I've been in the audio scene for quite some time, but just starting to find myself able to purchase some of the equipment I've been wanting forever. Frankly I've got too many expensive hobbies LOL.


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Welcome to Audiocircle


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Jim Salk and his wife are good people.  His method is unusual but solid.  He picks quality drivers and assembles the speakers, Dennis Murphy works up the crossover design, and Paul Kittenger comes up with the cabinet design (usually transmission lines for the floor standers).  Jim veneers are first rate, will no doubt put your other furniture to shame. 

Phil A

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Greetings & Welcome to AC AH   :thumb:


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Welcome  :thumb: