Switching between three input sources on an AMBER lll

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Hi guys!
Maybe the answer is obvious but I am not perfectly clear on the outcome...so I don't want to 'perfectly' screw something up. Here's the scenario. When facing the rear of the AMBER lll, I have an SP/DIF & a BNC input on the left side and a USB & XLR inputs on the right. To the far left is a toggle switch with the up position for SP/DIF and in the down position for XLR/AES/EBU. The front push button switches between the SP/DIF in the "out position" and USB in the "in position."  Right now, my Sonos digital RCA output is connected to the  BNC input via adapter. My Baetis audio computer output is connected to the USB input. I switch between them via the front panel push button. What I need clarification on is I also just got an INNUOS ZEN Mini lll and am routing its USB output signal  through a USB to SP/DIF converter. If I connect the Zen converter to the unused SP/DIF input on the dac, in what succession or manner do I switch between the three. I guess what I am saying is won't two of these inputs signals be processed at the same time with the output sound of each 'stepping' on one another? Life was easier with my previous SIM MOON 380D with its numerous input options, but of course it is in the little league sonically compared to my particular AMBER lll.

Thanx for all & any guidance...Jeff "Mooncrikit"

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Re: Switching between three input sources on an AMBER lll
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Based on what you've laid out, the 2 s/pdif connections (RCA and BNC) share one position of the selector. Turn off whichever unit you're not using on that position, or add another switch to isolate the 2 s/pdif  connections from one another.

I would probably put the Innuous on the USB connection and the computer output through the s/pdif converter.