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Found my way over here from another audio forum after a member recommended Spatial speakers.

Bought my first “real” audio system back in 2006, Rotel Processer and Rotel Amp (still have the amp).  Since than I have purchased an anthem AVM60 processor, paradigm prestige 95F speakers and matching center for my home theater setup.  I purchased the AVM60 when the Rotel kicked the bucket...I also bought the 95f’s at the same time.  Since than I have bought a Mcintosh C2300 pre, Mcintosh MC402 amp, Schiit DAC, VPI prime TT, Node2 streamer, and blue jean interconnects. 

As mentioned I came here in search of some new speakers for my dedicated 2 channel setup, move the paradigms back to the home theater setup and finally get some new speakers.  It was recommended I check out spatial so here I am. 

Thanks for having me  :D 

Phil A

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