Almarro onwer

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Almarro onwer
« on: 13 Aug 2020, 11:37 am »
New to the Circle
Hi everyone.
I leave in France and I am very found of HIFI since very young...I am 54.
I have been using Klipsch Cornwall 3 for 5 years now and I just bought Klipschorn from 1991.
I have recaps the AK3 crossover and uild false corner.
I used with great pleasure an Almarro a 318 B to drive them with very good success.
My problem is that my Almarro is since 6 or 8month making an awful CRAK noise when tuning on or off even with the selector and the volume on 0.
I change the general switch but it is still the same.
I check that there is a capacitor stick on parallel to the switch. This can be a "anti noise" capacitor; but there not much information one the cap
I anyone can help me ?
Thank you


Re: Almarro onwer
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Welcome to AudioCircle Vincent.  Yes, this might be a “snubber” cap to control the turn of noise. Since you’re working with such high voltages, I think you might ask this question in the Tube-o-phile circle so that one of our members with expert knowledge can guide you.

Phil A

Re: Almarro onwer
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Re: Almarro onwer
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thanks everyone.
I will ask the Tube-o-phile circle


Re: Almarro onwer
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Welcome to AudioCircle, Vincent!

There are other possible reasons for transient pop with power on/off. Best to contact Almarro for advice and repair.


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Re: Almarro onwer
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Welcome  :thumb:


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Re: Almarro onwer
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Bonjour & Welcome to AC Vincent  :thumb: