Soundfield Audio

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Re: Soundfield Audio
« Reply #20 on: 16 Aug 2020, 02:55 pm »
Thanks Charles...but please, please, please, not via Youtube!!!
Some funny comments on there now about the speakers heard via the commenters speakers/headphones, playing back a video camera recording!!!  :o :o



I’ve never understood people doing this.  :dunno:


Re: Soundfield Audio
« Reply #21 on: 16 Aug 2020, 06:37 pm »
Hmmm, perhaps Axpona 2012 Jacksonville Rich? Had 18s there. If it were Hotlanta, it might have been at Earthshaking music, were there was a DIY GTG. Did drag a rather early, not for sale version there...2011 sounds about right I think. Unless you meant CapFest 2011...bit further north  :wink:

Yeah, it was probably CAF. Thanks AJ!