Help with wiring a 12V Trigger to IOT Relay

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Help with wiring a 12V Trigger to IOT Relay
« on: 22 May 2020, 11:27 pm »
Hello All, any help appreciated for this very dumb question.  I purchased an IOT rely which is a three outlet power strip which will switch when triggered, in this case the trigged switch from my receiver via a 3.5 mm plug. 

The other end of the 3.5 wire is hooked up to a small block on the strip, with two screw down terminals.  All good except my 3.5 bare wire end has three wires- a positive, a negative and a group wire.  Which of the two wires do I use.  If its red and white, what does one do with the ground wire?...Pics showing the hook up are below. Any help appreciated for this total diy newb.

Instructions say this:
Remove the green Phoenix connector by pulling gently.  It slides out horizontally. Use the screw terminals to attach two wires, ie: either -GROUND and +TRIGGER, or +VCC and -!TRIGGER. Re-insert the connector. "