Usb source

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Usb source
« on: 14 Jul 2020, 10:58 pm »
Ok this is an addition to my Thread on Digital Vinyl but thought it doesn't belong in the Vinyl section.

Using a usb stick to Sound Editor, in a computer port and usb input set at dvd quality. I'm actually hearing the best sound source that I have, since the wav is being upsampled by my external dac to 192 k. Up until now my best source was playing a usb stick with my Yamaha BD- a1060.

The downside is that I can only load one song at a time (haven't figured out how to load multiple songs). Whereas with Yamaha or other digital source I can load a playlist with multiple songs. :smoke:


Re: Usb source
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jul 2020, 02:01 am »
  In my quest to find the ultimate source after discovering just how good usb playback can be. I settled on Leawo Blu ray Player software on my computer. Although originally I thought my Yamaha BD-a1060 sounded slightly better particularly with Blu ray dvds. What's different this time is I have the usb output set at dvd quality 48000 hz. This seems to me to be the difference in obtaining the -Live- like sound I'm after, YMMV.

The Leawo Player is relatively easy to use once you get it installed, and mine has been updated so it works smooth with a mouse. Initial install the mouse was an option that worked but not like it does now.

Opening the Menu I set the Audio Output to my external dac,(it lists the other audio outputs on computer). Then at the top of the Menu I select - File or File folder. I then go to usb stick and select the Music I want to play and it loads. What is important to me is there is a Shuffle feature or I can select Straight, loop or repeat.

Another cool feature is once you have the Playlist up and running, double clicking hides the Playlist and then the monitor or TV goes black and I can listen in the dark. By just clicking the mouse the screen comes back up. After you can Empty Playlist by finding that at top of Menu.

Prior to this I was using Nero Media Player as I was awaiting a usb cable in the mail so I could try two external players. The Nero plays very good but it was missing that something that the Leawo players brings to the table.

I could not get external sources to work with usb output to computer so finally gave up on that idea.

Anyway I'm a happy camper now that I found the Ultimate source and it was under my nose and I didn't know it. :smoke: