How long do you guys keep a pair of speakers? (rough average of course)

About a month or so.
I swap ‘em out a couple times a year
Every year I gotta scratch that itch
After they settle in for a few years, all seems good, but then I can’t help but change it up a bit.
Wait, what?  You people get new speakers?  Why would you do that?  These things are awesome!
Until they rot...  (then maybe re-foam the cones and keep ‘em alive)

How long do you go before changing Salks?

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Re: How long do you go before changing Salks?
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The Salk HT2-TL really like REL subs too. My 100 Hz - 25Hz in room measurements with the Radio Shack 33-2050 (correction table applied) using a 1 KHz - 75 dB test tone are between 77.1 dB and 81.9 dB.
The REL Gibraltar G2 has a hand held remote for adjustments on the fly, very handy for quite a few modern and pop recordings that really boost the bass. Integration is seamless with the crossover set at 32 Hz. Well integrated subs add more than low notes, they add space and the ability to hear deep into the music.

Sweet system!  :thumb: