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Re: New Member looking for opinions
« Reply #20 on: 19 Mar 2020, 05:01 pm »
I think the thick corner bass traps, such as what GIK offers, provide a bit more bass absorption, but less diffusion. The downside of using these is that your room corners have to be free of incursions, such as windows, closet doors, etc. In my previous listening room, I had a window and closet door close to one of the corners, so by placing the tube traps a few inches out from the corner, I still got the benefit of the bass trapping while having access to the window and closet. In my current room, I have surface mounted outlets that I need to get to behind where the tube traps are.

Here's how I made them. For each tube trap, I used two of these (3’ x 16 ¾” fiberglass pipe insulation).

I removed the wrap on half the circumference and left it on the other half. This allows you to get some diffraction from the front of the tube traps while absorbing from the back.

I wrapped these two pieces with ¼” steel cloth (like you’d use for a rabbit cage) from home depot to hold them together. The steel cloth also helps keep the form.

I then wrapped them with Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric. I folded over and sewed the overlapped edge so it would provide a nice finish, and used a hot glue gun to secure everything.

I purchased 12.75 diameter x 3” foam rounds from and inserted one of these in the middle and one on each end. This helps keep the fiberglass insulation nicely shaped and also holds the fabric tight. 

I bought some ¼” thick wood rounds (found them on Amazon) which I wrapped with the fabric and glued to the top and bottom.

They came out pretty nice - from a few feet away, they look like just like the ASC products. But given how long they took to make and the cost of all the parts, I think if I was doing it again, I’d just buy them from ASC, or buy corner bass traps from GIK.

That's a neat way of building one, I like that design.  How well do you think they work? Did you notice a significant difference?


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Re: New Member looking for opinions
« Reply #21 on: 19 Mar 2020, 05:18 pm »
They definitely absorb quite a bit of sound from the back. If you move your head around to the side behind them, the noise level drops off a very noticeable amount. They did smooth out the bass. It was a bit boomy before (partly because my room is almost square), and these definitely helped. But as I said, if your corners are free of obstructions, I think the corner bass traps (like what GIK sells) will do a bit more.


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Re: New Member looking for opinions
« Reply #22 on: 20 Mar 2020, 01:38 pm »
How about the floor standing version of the studios using 3 x sealed M165-16 drivers powered by a cheap plate amp (as recommended by Danny)? The improvement vs the studio monitors should be comparable to the difference between the MTM vs Full Nx-otica.

Last I heard Danny has given up on that idea as unworkable or impractical anyway.