Super 3 HO Monitor owners or people with listening experience.

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I am about to have Lewis start on some Super 3 HO monitors but wanted to get some opinions. What are some of the sonic differences between the two? I did read someone state the obvious of higher output but the dual RS5's also give a lot more mid bass emphasis which is exactly what I want but nt at the expense of the speed of the RS5 driver. He then stated that the dual driver is nice but that it does take away from the speed and magic of just the single RS5 driver. I certainly don't want that. I want that snappy, lightning quick response of the RS5 and if the mid bass is going to overbear that, maybe I should shy away from the dual RS5 configuration. What do you guys think?


Honestly, the whole Omega line is more similar than different. They are all wonderful sounding and fast! I could live with any of them. Yes, you'll have slightly more mid bass with the HO vs the single driver, and slightly lose some purity. I can't emphasize SLIGHTY enough. Any of Louis' speakers should serve you well. Consider your upstream components, this will be more of a factor, and call Louis.

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The money you save on a single driver can be put towards addressing the bass issue.


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My experience with, SAM HO's, is plugging the port tightens up the bass/mid-bass dramatically at the cost of slight reduction in lower extension.  The HO model provides greater dynamics overall and port plugging eliminates any mid-bass congestion.  This is particularly effective when using bass foundation.