What types of speakers/specs are good for electronic, dance, techno music?

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Hey everyone,

Not sure if this is where I should be asking this question but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for speakers that like to play electronic, dance, techno style music? Most of the speaker reviews I have seen are geared towards classical, jazz, opera, etc. and I like listening to that music as well, but I have really been wanting to get a system that can really pump out the fast passed electronic music with a high level of clarity and depth. If there are certain speakers specs I should be looking for, or certain types of tweeters, speakers, sensitivity, etc. that go well with electronic music all and any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I would suggest cheap pro-audio speaker or similar.
Other option are the hi sensitivity Klipsch RF7-II used or RF-83, these have lots of bass and needs just a few watts to rock.