New TWL review on Digital "Discrete" USB & "Freedom" ethernet cables!

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Triode Pete

A superb new review from Mono and Stereo's own Matej Isak on my "Discrete" USB cable and my "Freedom" ethernet cable here...

Some excerpts -
"With "The rite of my timps" (by Maarten van der Valk “Touch”) Triode Wire Labs's "Discrete" USB  cable drums coalescing formed a more coherent and dynamical realism. This track alone divides the mediocre USB cables from the ones that can provide more than just a noticeable step-up in the performance.

Toms decays were noticeably prolonged and "Discrete" provided greater amount of environmental cues; translating into a far better three-dimensional projection of the drums. I was quite surprised by how much easier the tom pitch's changes were deciphered during the decay out time. At the TWL "Discrete" given price, this is quite an achievement!

I wanted to discern how the TWL “Freedom” Ethernet cable affects the streaming. With "Cantina" (Reference Recordings) it was easy to decode its qualities.
The track alone is an epitome of clarity. “Freedom” has introduced  an unexpected shift... The guitar gained much better grip and presence, the air around the flute extended and dispersed with the greater spatial distribution percussion and exuberant percussion felt less congested and more life-like. These are not the  attributes one would easily associate with the digital cables, but here you have it. Vividly noticeable and of positive impact!

Triode Wire Labs “Freedom” Ethernet cable and “Discrete” USB really had a premium field of exploration and they've provided a recognizing continuum. While many, even far pricier cables punctuate and intersperse signal, the TWL hovered above such traits and in absence of sparse sonic ramifications.

While some of the exotic, exuberantly priced USB and ethernet cables struggle or fail to work with computers (server) or DACs, the TWL “Freedom” and “Discrete” provide instant non-questionable "lock & load", as well as a sonic potency with non-expecting perusing quality and with most positive stimulus.

Both Triode Wire Labs “Freedom” Ethernet cable and “Discrete” USB cables rate high on the audiophile barometer and shouldn't escape the attention of those who are on the quest for affordable and highly-performing USB and ethernet cables. Again, TWL is true to their slogan "Affordable Audiophile Cables". For what they represent performance/price wise, I'm wholeheartedly granting both "Freedom" and “Discrete” cables 2020 Mono & Stereo Highly Recommended Product award!"

- Matej Isak

I should note that this review took Matej over 7 months to properly analyze and review both cables. He noted in the review, he utilized the following various equipment as follows, "Triode Wire Labs “Freedom” Ethernet cable and “Discrete” USB cables went through an extensive circulation with my reference front ends; the MSB Select DAC, Totaldac d1-Direct DAC, Aries Cerat Kassandra II Sig DAC, Aqua Acoustic Quality Formula xHD DAC and nonetheless MSB Technology The Pro USB."

Thanks, Matej!!!



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  We concur with every finding. A no -brainer buy some. We did to demo our gear.



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Congratulations Pete on the review, and confirmation of your design and listening skills!