New York Audio Show 2019?

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New York Audio Show 2019?
« on: 1 Nov 2019, 09:43 pm »
I see the posting from last year, rather disappointingly noting the 'low turnout'.

This year: no posting at all?!  I had plans to travel to NYC for this, and now I'm not all that displeased that circumstances forced me to abandon that plan.

Is the NYC area really that uninteresting audio-wise?

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Re: New York Audio Show 2019?
« Reply #1 on: 2 Nov 2019, 12:52 am »

    I'm in NYC and the last time I attended the show was back in 2015. That year it was held outside NYC up in Weschester which was a break after hosting in NYC for many year. I've attended 2012, 13, 14 before that. That 2015 was very disappointed not just because it was out of NYC, it was a smaller show also. I think the show started to decline after 2014.They did returned to NYC in 2016 but by that time I lost interest in the show and just stop going considering how much they charge for what would be a small show. By the way the 2012 and 2013 was great though.

   Anyway, it had been a while so I might go this year to see what's new and get a glimpse of those systems that only the 1% or less can afford. But I'll buy one day ticket since it is likely will be a small show again and that's going to cost me $26. Hmmm... or I can spend that money for an Lp and a cheap bottle of French red wine and stay home listen to my system  :scratch: