Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's

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Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's
« on: 21 Oct 2019, 05:58 pm »
Once in a while, we want to try something new.  So we build pairs of speakers with no particular customer in mind. Such was the case with these two pairs.

The first was a pair of Song3 BeAT's done in monkeypod veneer and orange dye was applied to the topcoat.  I love the look of monkeypod.  It is somewhat close to walnut in terms of its natural color, but the grain and figuring are quite different.  They even have a bit of chatoyance (sparkle) similar to that of many forms of mahogany.

Here are some pictures...

And a close-up...

These were sold before they were finished.

On many occasions in the past, we have been asked to build the cabinets from bamboo hardwood.  This is fairly expensive at about $500 per sheet (most of which is transportation from China).  When we do, we often have one or two small pieces of it left over.

Over many months, we had a pile of these scraps and realized we had enough for a pair of speakers.  So, again, we built a pair of Song3 BeAT's.  The problem was, since these pieces were from different boards, the color varied just a bit.  In order to address this, we thought we'd try something we've never done before.  We rubbed a light coat of black dye onto the cabinet surfaces and the result was a warm gray color.  We then used "metallic graphite" automotive paint for the front baffle.

Here is the resulting, somewhat contemporary look on this one-of-a-kind pair...

And a close-up...

The bamboo would add about $500 to the cost of the build and the graphite paint would add another $350.  But these are currently available at the standard veneered price. (

- Jim


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Re: Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's
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stunning. The monkeypod veneer is so liquidy looking, very cool. The bamboo ones are very modern but still retain some warmth with the bamboo grain. Always amazing finishes.


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Re: Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's
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I didn't know monkey pod existed until now. Holy mackerel!


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Re: Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's
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Very cool, love how the MonkeyPod turned out! 


Re: Two new pairs of custom Song3 BeAT's
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Love the bamboo!  Very clean and refined