Bull TV show

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Bull TV show
« on: 9 Oct 2019, 07:56 pm »

      Hi Guys:
              I am very confused and I thought that one of the audio circle members could give me an answer.
               I watched the Bull TV show last night. It started out with two people shot dead in a
               laundromat year 2002. The girl that was shot dead was on her cell phone. Bull and
               team took on the accused killer 17 years after the crime 2019. So eventually they
               proved there defendant was innocent. Bull and his team had cell phone records to prove
               that her sister did the dirty deed.
                 First confusion question. I did not know there were cell phones in 2002.
                 Second confusing question. Did they have cell phone tracking phone calls in 2002?



Re: Bull TV show
« Reply #2 on: 10 Oct 2019, 01:06 am »
I think they just had phone records.  Not necessarily cell phone records.