Daughter might be moving to Denver and she found an apartment complex she likes

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Since I know next to nothing about Denver, I want to get feedback on the area.  Safe etc..


Commons Park West
She said it was near 116 street


She is a year or two from actually moving, but she visited Denver and really likes it.


That is an area very popular with the Millennials. Very safe. Fairly expensive. Right near everything that is going on in the center of the city.


I don' t know the area very well but it's essentially downtown and I don't ever feel unsafe walking around down there. Then again, I'm not there at 03:00. :)

The worst part will be the cost, Denver isn't cheap to live in these days, real estate has become really expensive.


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My wife and I stayed at an AirBnB with our son and soon-to-be fiance last year. We were near Lawson Park (for reference). We walked from there to the 'happening' areas along Larimer St at different times of day and night. We even walked to REI Coop and back. There was one street with a lot of homeless that we walked along. No one bothered us. We never felt unsafe.

Denver is an interesting city. It's growing like crazy.


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When I first got to Denver 20 years ago, it was mostly not very safe areas with a few nice pockets.  Since then it’s been transformed.   Nowadays the very large majority is safe and there’s a few small pockets that are shady.  But even those areas are being rapidly gentrified. 


Thank you all.  That's what I wanted to hear.


Hi Marbles,

I hope your daughter's move to Denver works out well for her.  I remember you from the early days of Audiocircle and I'm amazed you still use Salk Sound HT3's in your system.  Glad update itis hasn't affect you over the years.  I remember your posts from years ago and eventually had a pair of HT3's and had them imported to Australia and I really like them.

I'm also using a pair of Salk Sound Song 3's and mightily impressed with their sound quality using a peachtree audio 150 nova.

Cheers Rod

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My daughter lives in Denver and it is very expensive.  She lives in Littleton near the Denver Tech center.  She is paying $1600 for a higher end apartment with great security and a parking garage.  The area is all modern.

How old is your daughter?  Mine is 31 and if you like, I you can give me her info if she needs help deciding where to live.