Price Increase on some NuPRIME models

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John Casler

Price Increase on some NuPRIME models
« on: 12 Sep 2019, 10:51 pm »
Hi NuPRIME Fans,

As you know some International and World Economics are getting a little shaken up.  So far, NuPRIME has not been seriously impacted by price increases, supply chains, tariffs, etc.

By the time you read this, the prices on the website may already show the increase.

The Models affected are:

1) IDA-16 going to $2250
2) STA-9 going to $745
3) DAC-9 going to $795

NuPrime has given their dealers, the option to offer these models at the old price temporarily, since we didn't announce this was coming.

If you had, or have been thinking about any of these, contact your dealer for how long he may be able to hold the old price for you.

I will try and keep you informed of when we have other price increases, hopefully before they happen.