Iso-Acoustics products for TT's

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Iso-Acoustics products for TT's
« on: 15 Sep 2019, 02:58 pm »
Hi, I have owned a Nottingham SpaceDeck for many years and wanted to mention the improvement I am getting. First, with the (Orea's) replacing the stock feet by removing them and squeezing in the Oreas.
Recently I bought the lighter Orea's rated for about 8lbs, and I thought I was going to put them under my cd player until I put one on top of the spindle/motor and noticed more depth, bass, smoothness, etc.
   Then, I decided to put one on top of a brass piece I use for a TT weight and WOW, another BIG improvement in sound reproduction.
   For those of you out there wanting to improve the sound of your TT, I highly recommend trying their products. I DID email the company asking if they have any plans for a TT weight but have not heard back yet.
Just thought I'd share, thanks!