Concert stopped by storm

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Concert stopped by storm
« on: 8 Sep 2019, 05:21 am »
This evening my wife and I attended a Chris Isaak concert at an outdoor venue in Woodinville, WA, about 20 miles NE of Seattle. There was slight chance of rain but it looked like it was going to hold off until around midnight. It hasn't rained in weeks here.

As soon as the concert began some pretty intense lightning started flashing across the sky every 30 seconds or so but it remained dry. Then suddenly, about 30 minutes into the performance the floodgates unleashed and wind, a torrential downpour, chain lightning and deafening thunder claps turned the place into a frenzy and the show was stopped immediately as about 3-4 thousand people began grabbing their stuff and running for their cars. The MC told the audience to get in our cars and wait 20 minutes and then come back as the show may continue. What a laugh, the show was over. The Seattle area is known for rain but not in the summer and very rarely do we get an electrical storm of this magnitude.

The only other time I saw Chris Isaak was about 20 years ago, same venue and we left when it started pouring rain. Has anyone else had a storm erupt and end an outdoor show shortly after it started? Just curious of other experiences.


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Re: Concert stopped by storm
« Reply #1 on: 8 Sep 2019, 06:27 am »
Too bad, Chris Isaak have an beautiful voice.
Santana had a show canceled, available on YT.
Pink Floyd had various rainy shows in the 70s.