Schitt Turntable

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Re: Schitt Turntable
« Reply #20 on: 6 Sep 2019, 06:54 pm »
"Oh gosh I had a Phase Linear anti-pop and tick "box" just to get rid of those nasty things!!"

It's called cleaning your vinyl.  I rarely ever hear a tick or a pop...


Re: Schitt Turntable
« Reply #21 on: 7 Sep 2019, 12:49 am »
Oh but the Phase Linear was more than a simple piece of gear.....take a read...

Phase Linear Autocorrelator
Noise Reduction and Dynamic Range Recovery (late 1970s)

oh, believe me I had Dstat, discwasher, polonium radioactive static tool, and God I cant remember all the crap
I used to keep my vinyl clean, never touching the records etc...ah what fun!


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Re: Schitt Turntable
« Reply #22 on: 7 Sep 2019, 10:22 am »
I have one of those Flame Linear boxes sitting on a shelf.
I'll have to break it out and give it a go.

For pops and ticks a real record cleaning machine is the way to go.
Without one you'll ALWAYS have pops and clicks, with one and a good album probably not.
I use an old VPI 16.5 and then give the side being played a quick swipe with a damp Discwasher with really good results.


Re: Schitt Turntable
« Reply #23 on: 8 Sep 2019, 12:23 am »
I have quite a few pieces of their gear, 6 actually, and am intrigued by the Sol for the simple reason I have always wanted a twin-arm table so I can swap from stereo to mono and back quickly.
The Sol looks like it will afford an easily swappable arm mounted with a second cartridge and minimal fuss.
I got to check it out in person today at RMAF, still think I want it, but will wait for some real user reviews to roll in.
And, as another poster mentioned, there will most likely be some sort of revision in the future, being patient might pay off, but again, will be more predicated on real user feedback, I am not that patient typically.