Qobuz confused

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Re: Qobuz confused
« Reply #20 on: 1 Sep 2019, 01:41 pm »
Roon offers me another ability... I can use one program (Roon) to control many different players. Roon can control my BDP-2, but it can also send music to my Sonos players. This results in needing just one program to control (for me) any audio device in my home that any family member might use.

Yes. And, just as important: you can do this with a single library, regardless of file format or codec. My house is littered with Sonos speakers (my wife and daughter love 'em), but I don't have to worry about incompatible 24-bit files, as Roon transcodes, on-the-fly, as needed.


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Re: Qobuz confused
« Reply #21 on: 10 Sep 2019, 04:49 am »
I'm still on S2.36 on BDP-1 so perhaps that maybe the reason, but all these modes still sound different here (MPD via USB drives vs. MPD via NAS vs. Roon Ready).


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Re: Qobuz confused
« Reply #22 on: 20 Sep 2019, 10:59 am »
To return this thread to its starting point, the latest beta firmware update dated 2019-9-9, has solved the issue with the non-playing Qobuz files. All is now nicely flowing and sprightly of operation. Once again, Chris, thank you for the work.