Soon to be X-3 owner

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Re: Soon to be X-3 owner
« Reply #20 on: 2 Aug 2019, 05:03 pm »
I'm fairly certain that the X3 and X5 shown above are a laminated solid wood baffle, where the M5 and M3 sapphires will be MDF core with real Walnut and Sapele veneer options.

What looks like wood grain on the X series is actually the narrow sheets of wood used to make up the lamination of solid wood.


Re: Soon to be X-3 owner
« Reply #21 on: 2 Aug 2019, 05:07 pm »
Thanks Shakey, Like em both. Is that the Sapele or Zebrano wood ? I am ready to jump in on the M5 s's. There are several choices of wood and finish I am down to the Sapepe or Zebrano. What power you using for the X-3's?

I will be using a Decware Torii II (25 watts/channel) with a Tortuga Audio LDR preamp.


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Re: Soon to be X-3 owner
« Reply #22 on: 2 Aug 2019, 05:24 pm »
ahh, love that look. I think the Sapele and Zebrano will have some grain in it, event with the veneer. Then there is always auto wrap.


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Re: Soon to be X-3 owner
« Reply #23 on: 3 Aug 2019, 02:40 am »
That is the finish I told Clayton for mine too. But I'm having second thoughts. It almost looks too "faux" in the pictures. Maybe it will look much better in person. Please report what you think, I may end up getting mine sprayed.


Will do Shakey!
Shipper says they should arrive any day!