FS: Red Wine Audio Isabellina NOS DAC SOLD

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FS: Red Wine Audio Isabellina NOS DAC SOLD
« on: 14 Jul 2019, 05:21 pm »
read post below for details. Thanks!
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Original owner; extremely well cared for; nearly flawless.

This is RWA's original (SLA version) Isabellina DAC, introduced about 10 years ago. My unit is about 5 years old.

My history with RWA DACS...
The original Isabellina DAC was introduced about 10 years ago, selling for $2,500 (see link to review, below). Vinnie built this for me when his SLAs were out of production. My goal was to get the best NOS DAC I could, without spending a $1,000 or more. Vinnie had everything he needed in the shop, including faceplate and chassis. That's how this unit came to be.

This is my 3rd DAC built by Red Wine Audio. My first was in the original Isabella Pre/DAC, priced at $5,500. Second was in a RWA Isabellina LFP-V DAC w/ variable volume control outputs. The LFP-V DAC supported NOS and hi-rez, but I preferred listening to NOS, for its anolog sound.

This is a great way to own a quality NOS DAC without spending a ton of $. Made in the USA, too!. Would also make a great "2nd DAC," for a break from hi-rez.
Note: NOS means non-over sampling. If this term is new, you may want to Google.

Now $225
Support all three types of input: USB, Optical and BNC Co-ax
Comes with the original AC adaptor
I’ll cover PayPal
Shipped in original factory box
Units ship from Fort Mill, South Carolina, 29707
Buyer pays shipping charges—PM your zip code for a quote to ship

I also have a 3’ maple butcher-block base, with spikes, finished in black. Available for an additional cost.

I’m selling my entire my 2-channel system, posted here on Audio Circle: Omega Super 6 Alnico Monitors; SCHIIT Saga preamp; Decware Super Zen Triod amp

I’ve sold gear here and on Audigon. My reviews have always been 5-star.

Thanks for looking, Kent


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Re: FS: Red Wine Audio Isabellina NOS DAC - Price drop
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Price dropped to $225


Re: FS: Red Wine Audio Isabellina NOS DAC - Price drop
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Sold. Thank you.