Dr. "AIX", Mark Waldrep ' releases Redbook vs real HD Challenge II

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Your first link took me to a page with the following content:
Your connection is not private
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I am not sure what causes that. 
I got the same message a day or two ago from trying to log onto my local online banking account.  It went away after a while.
I just tried both links and the both worked fine for me just now.  The realhd link says "not secure" but does not give that error nor warning.
I have not had any headaches from AIX records web pages.
 I suggest trying again.


I have seen the same warning twice when trying to access AC.

Phil A

I didn't get anything except the actual site when I went to it soon after the original post.  Have not tried since.  While I probably won't participate, it's nice that Mark is doing it.  He is quite passionate about his line of work.  A bunch of years back, he was at the Capital Audiofest and while buying one of his recordings (on Blu-Ray), I got a long dissertation. I appreciate his passion, but as a consumer, I cannot dictate what format music I'm interested in was either originally recorded in or what format it is released in, and, unless it is a rare album that I love, I'm probably not going to re-buy it if it is released in another format (e.g. DSD, hi-rez PCM, CD).  His speech to me was reminiscent of the old SACD vs. 24/192 arguments (almost as bad as some of the cable threads).  Never could really see the point of taking a side.  Warner was going to release their stuff in hi-rez PCM and Sony was going to do SACD so I was just happy to get a hi-rez recording of something that interested me.