Super Mini build

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Re: Super Mini build
« Reply #20 on: 9 Aug 2019, 03:41 pm »
 :D looks great,, X-over work is very neatly done.  Nice project.    :D


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Re: Super Mini build
« Reply #21 on: 9 Aug 2019, 09:27 pm »
Jay / Danny,

Not intending to crap on this thread, but...given the challenges of a DIY'er to apply paint worthy of this speaker, have you thought about going all "Vandersteen" on this design, i.e. putting a couple of dowels in the rear corners, CNC'ing some nice hardwood caps for the tops and bottoms, and wrapping the speaker in fabric? I could see offering just enough fabric to staple the ends to the dowels, allowing for a twist or 2 to cover the staples and pull taught (the back would remain open for access to the drivers and crossovers). The caps would have holes for the dowels, grooves to seat the wings, and a narrow groove for the edge of the fabric to fit into. Depending on the hardwood used, a simple tung oil finish may be all that is necessary.

Just some Friday afternoon thoughts.


Re: Super Mini build
« Reply #22 on: 10 Aug 2019, 03:30 am »
go  easy  on  yourself man.    doing  a  great  job.    Always  remember, lot's of  light  coats    using  a  spary bomb is  always   gong to  result in better finish.  Block sanding  between coats    is the  way  to go... over  and over..   Will eventually  result
 in    a  gorgeous  finish.



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Re: Super Mini build
« Reply #23 on: Today at 03:13 am »
Hi there. I'm back, and here is the embarrassing story I have.
I got the replacement driver from Danny, got it wired up and it worked great. Soldered in the bypass caps and hooked up my stereomour from bottlehead and it sounded great. Not lots of headroom (3.5 watts).

So I tried the bottlehead battery powered quickie preamp into the Folsom 7297 chip amp. Sounded great, but before the song was over, popping, crackling and lots of intermittent fuzz started. I tried swapping everything I could and it was still there. No idea how I was going to fix the gear. Turns out it was the directv box on the shelf below it. Took too many days to figure that out.

Love the sound, even in my untreated room.
I was going to put grill cloth over the drivers but behind the baffle, just didn't fit.

Now I am looking for best treatments to make and install to improve my imaging.

Thanks for looking and when I get a better handle on the sound to give a little review, I will.


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Re: Super Mini build
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They look really good!

I find the wall behind them is really good with diffusion panels.  Has worked really well in two different rooms.