M5 Sapphire - All new M design introduction

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Re: M5 Sapphire - All new M design introduction
« Reply #400 on: 29 Jul 2020, 01:33 am »
Many people seem to have this misconception about compression drivers/horns being "shouty," but this may be coming from being exposed to cheaply made compression drivers stuck into horns made for loudness over SQ, played at ear-splitting loudness powered by high-power "pro" solid state amps.  Even worse, the wonderfully sensitive (107-110 dB) compression drivers are being tortured to pad down to match 90-92dB sensitivity of woofers, often via simplistic passive crossovers made of cheap parts. 

Take a high quality compression driver mated to horn designed for sound quality, power them directly via high-quality, low watt valve amp, preferably via active crossover to bypass the said passive crossover parts, and play them at sane home volume levels, and there is nothing else like it  :green:

Agreed; the ultra-expensive and very highly regarded Meyer X-10 uses a compression driver, as does the JBL M2. And I briefly owned a set of JBL monitors which used a compression driver and that sounded far from shouty. I do find the Turbo S driver can sound very aggressive with some material but I wonder if it's actually showing reality while more conventional tweeters are muting the sound to achieve a "nicer" sound.


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Re: M35Sapphire - All new M design introduction
« Reply #401 on: 3 Aug 2020, 03:52 am »
Have had my M3 Sapphitrs for a little over 6 weeks...play music daily.   Very happywith my decision



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Re: M5 Sapphire - All new M design introduction
« Reply #402 on: 4 Aug 2020, 01:20 am »
Hello Ron,

Your room and system and the M3's in there look fantastic! I'm curious why you still have the bookshelf speakers setup? Seeing the Subwoofer, I'm going to guess that you have a separate surround sound system running in the same space?

Peace, Graham