Can a decent power cord make a difference on the Cherry Maraschinos?

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I’m not snarling at all (:

Notice the date on that article.

Being honest is never the wrong way to do business.

A better power cord could be better for many reasons, and I’m not denying that. The wire could be fatter, the connectors better, etc.

Textbook: how to alienate your customers and lower your credibility with potential customers.


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I’m a big believer in after market power cords and use them on all my devices that I can with more of a noticeable difference with audio than video.

I have used a variety of makes over the years and currently have a mix of Signal Cable Magic Cords that I use on on my SVS subs, Cullen Crossover Cords that I use on my Amps and AVR, and a Shunyata that I use on my UHD Player and all run out of a Furman IT Reference 15i Power conditioner off a dedicated line.

Like most things though there will be people on both sides of the fence so at the end of the day you have to try yourself to see if you notice a difference and think they are worth it.

Early B.

I learned several years ago to invest in audio designers, not gear. I spend time investigating the guy who built my gear before I purchase it. I check out his design philosophy and parts quality, in particular. I have Danny's gear because he knows what he's talking about. But before I ran into GR Research, I was interested in another well regarded DIY speaker designer, but I found out that his source was a DVD player because he thought ones and zeros were all the same. That was an immediate, "no" for me.

Audio forums with designers are a double edged sword. Yeah, they're great for designers to use as a marketing tool and for educating consumers, but you also have to be careful not to alienate customers, especially when speaking with authority on gear you don't sell. Danny doesn't sell tube preamps, but if he continuously lambasted them, he'd probably lose customers, especially those with tube preamps.



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AmpDesigner333, you can view that the attenuation with the very good RF/EMI Schaffner filters begin at 10 kHz.