Placement/ Rake Angle Questions

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James Edward

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Placement/ Rake Angle Questions
« on: 5 Jun 2019, 09:54 pm »
I’m wondering if Spatial or member’s have thoughts or experience with rake angle ( angling speaker back rather than perfectly level) and distance from walls.
It is times like this I wish I had those 5 albums people play over and over, so I’d have a good reference...
But I don’t, so here goes...
1. Is there an optimal distance from the front wall for maximum bass output.
2. How does the sidewall distance affect the midrange? Would closer to the sidewall
make it chestier or thinner?
3. Has anyone experimented with rake angle and what did you find...
BTW, I had a bunch of audiophiles over last weekend, and the response was overwhelmingly
positive. I mean, REALLY positive about the sound of the M3 Turbo S.
Thanks for any thoughts, and BTW, my domestic/ furniture situation does not allow easy experimentation,
that’s why I ask rather than just attempt without some opinions.
Thanks for any thoughts on this...


Re: Placement/ Rake Angle Questions
« Reply #1 on: 5 Jun 2019, 10:27 pm »
I once experimented with the rack angle. I did not like what I was hearing. The sound stage lifted and sounded way to high. I do however have my Spatials raised about 3.5 inched  on DIY platforms to bring them closer to ear level. Makes a difference to me


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Re: Placement/ Rake Angle Questions
« Reply #2 on: 6 Jun 2019, 01:34 pm »
1) If you don't have "easy experimentation" then the questions you ask may be moot.
2) If you can, check with Clayton as he should know
3) Optimum distance for bass is variable depending on room dimensions and listener position, but if those positions are fixed or limited, then you may be stuck with what you have.
4) Same for sidewall/midrange--you have to be able to experiment
5) Rake angle, my guess is, not recommended with "controlled directivity"
     What I use and suggest are Shakti Hallographs, or DIY them like I did, I can send you a link from AudioAsylum.
My experience is that (depending on the recording mike placement) I find myself wanting either more soundstage, or a smaller soundstage. Where the instruments are tighter--piano, if it sounds diffuse then I want to toe the Hallowgraphs in. For me, these are indispensable--they affect bass and midrange a bit, so they are not specifically for bass/mid amplification, mainly, they affect the soundstaging. Hope this helps, good luck!

James Edward

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Re: Placement/ Rake Angle Questions
« Reply #3 on: 6 Jun 2019, 08:57 pm »
So I tried the angle back and did not like the result. I’m not really a soundstage guy, so I don’t have a good reference, but feel I noticed a tilted up frequency response, no pun intended. I can’t for the life of me understand why such a small adjustment (7/8”) would have such an impact.
I went back to the Herbies Audio Lab footers without an extension, and all is right with the world.
I did measure distance to the front wall, and with the toe-in I use, the inside corner is 39.5”, and the outer is 45”. So they are out a little further than 3 feet.
Sidewall experimentation is virtually impossible due to furniture and room configuration, but they sound fantastic, so I’m not going to obsess.


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Re: Placement/ Rake Angle Questions
« Reply #4 on: 7 Jun 2019, 05:25 am »
Mine measure 37" and 43" measured on the back corners so you are not too far off from where is have mine and mine sound fantastic where they are at. My M3 TS's are not tilted back at all as I agree with above with this design it is not necessary. The only time in the past I have tilted speakers back is when the midwoofer and tweeter are separate on the baffle for time alignment which is not the case in this kind of design