Brand New, Need Advice. M3’s electronics

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Re: Brand New, Need Advice. M3’s electronics
« Reply #20 on: 18 Jun 2019, 03:41 am »
I just took delivery of a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC today to replace the PS Audio NuWave and Nuforce P8 pre I was running and so far this thing is way ahead of its price class. i now understand why reviewers or at least the ones i have read say it is hard to beat for the money. It is a great DAC with DSD capability and a class a gain cell preamp mixed into one. and to boot Innerfidelity wrote that the headphone output is very powerful and sounds great coming right off the gain cells. Have not tried the headphone output yet but will. This thing has only a couple of hours of run time on it and it sounds great so far with my Pass Labs amp