Balanced or se on sta-9 power amplifier

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Balanced or se on sta-9 power amplifier
« on: 7 Jun 2019, 03:03 am »
Hi All,

I Have just started running in a NuPrime sta 9 power amplifier, and I am very impressed already.

My current system consists of A Bel Canto cd3t transport, a Bel Canto Dac 1.5 with pre amp . It has both Balanced and se ended outputs.

My cables are DH Labs and I have tried both the se and balanced connection between the dac/pre and sta 9.

I find the se to be more open and livelier but the balanced to maybe be cleaner with better depth but a tad closed in and sat on ?

Anyway would love to hear some feedback from  anyone who has tried both types on connection





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Re: Balanced or se on sta-9 power amplifier
« Reply #1 on: 7 Jun 2019, 01:41 pm »
If you look just 5 threads below this (4 before you wrote your question), there's a ver recent discussion on the subject: