New PH 9.0 Phono Review by Greg Weaver for Positive Feedback Online!

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New Review by Greg Weaver, writing for Positive Feedback Online:

Excerpts from Greg's review (evaluted in Greg's > $300K Reference System)!

Finally, I want to single out its remarkably realistic tonal balance, octave to octave. Tonality and texture are rendered with remarkable accuracy, substance, and faithfulness across the entire audio spectrum, giving the PH 9.0 one of the most authentic voices I've heard under about $6000. This attribute, along with its astonishing degree of quietness, bass and general pitch definition, and its startling dynamic prowess, make this one of, if not the, most attractive phono stages available in today's market, maybe for as much as twice its asking price.

 I am not exaggerating when I say that this latest phono stage from ModWright may just be, pound-for-pound, the most significant achievement in performance per dollar that ModWright has yet achieved.

It is one of the most accomplished and over-achieving performers available in its class, PERIOD!
- G. Weaver, Positive Feedback Online

I want to thank Greg for such a great review! The PH 9.0 is a phono stage that we at MWI are all quite proud of! My intent to realize as close as possible, the performance of the $7900 PH 150 in the $2900 PH 9.0, was realized!


Congratulations Dan!

I have owned many phono stages in my life, with the most expensive one costing three times the price of the PH 9.0.  I sold it when I got a preamp that had an option for an internal phono stage.  The internal phono stage was so close in performance that I decided I could sell the expensive external phono stage and be happy with my simplified setup.

When I read about your PH 9.0 I decided that I wanted try it in my system to see if it could surpass the performance of my internal phono stage.  I figured if it was not noticeably better I would sell it and be satisfied with my internal phono stage. 

In short, the PH 9.0 was more to my liking and stayed in my system. The tonal balance and musicality are spot on.  As a matter of fact, (from audio memory) the PH 9.0 beats the performance of the expensive phono stage I sold. 

The PH 9.0 deserves all of its accolades.



Thanks Greg! I appreciate that!

It is a great design! It is just all about getting the word out via review, customer feedback and word of mouth!