Worldwide chip shortage is upon us

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Worldwide chip shortage is upon us
« on: Yesterday at 07:23 pm »
You may have heard about a worldwide chip shortage mostly in the context of shortages impacting car/truck manufacturing. Most of our preamp products are built around the STM32 ARM Cortex family of microcontrollers...a very popular technology/brand. Today I checked with our suppliers in both the US and China. Top line US suppliers like Mouser and DigiKey are sold out....of practically everything STM32. China suppliers have very limited supply but prices have tripled or quadrupled for those few they have in stock. The same situation exists with every manufacturer of modern microcontroller chips.

This shortage is reverberating through every industry that uses modern microcontrollers, with demand going up as embedded microcontrollers are finding their way into almost everything. Meanwhile new chip plants take $10+ billion and 2-3 years to build and bring on line.  :duh:

Fortunately we laid in a decent supply of the chips we use several months ago and are in reasonably good shape for the rest of this year.  :thumb:

Living in interesting times indeed.   :?


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Re: Worldwide chip shortage is upon us
« Reply #1 on: Today at 03:40 am »
It's fascinating to see this happen and how many industries are effected by it.  On a similar and completely different note, I was in a fly fishing shop today and the owner told me that he is having a lot of trouble getting supplies there too because manufacturing has been crippled by Covid.  It's a strange world, but I hope that it will create more innovation and possibilities as we find ways around these problems.


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Re: Worldwide chip shortage is upon us
« Reply #2 on: Today at 11:15 am »
My son owns a bicycle shop and some parts are nearly impossible to get.  It's across all industries.  On the bright side it's teaching a lot of Americans something about the complexities of supply chains, most people have no clue how things magically appear on their store shelves.