Speakers with Digital Input

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Re: Speakers with Digital Input
« Reply #40 on: 23 Apr 2014, 02:08 pm »
Adam Artist 3 (review) and Artist 5 (hands-on)
USB digital input (sadly, no SPDIF/coax). RRP is $1000 for the 3s and $1200 for the 5s.

If pro studio monitors are being considered, the very nice and very expensive Klein + Hummel O300D (review) is an option. The Neumann KH 120 D mentioned earlier in the thread still seems to be pending release.

Thanks! Added the Adams. The 300D seems to be discontinued.


Re: Speakers with Digital Input
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Well for the sake of completeness I'm bring up these KS Digital Studio monitors.

Thanks Russell, added them to the list.


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Re: Speakers with Digital Input
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Surprised that no one has offered up one of the finest digital speakers around.

The Bamberg Series 3

It's been on the streets for a couple months now.

Offered in several options ranging from a digital satellite with I believe a 6" woofer and tweeter or that satellite sitting on a sub cabinet.

More info here: http://bambergaudio.com/products/series3/3tmw.php


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Re: Speakers with Digital Input
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Hello JohnR,

I have a few candidates for your list:
The German brand Nubert, which sells directly to consumers, taking orders via internet or phone, has a whole range of digital speakers.
They all have:
-optical and coaxial digital inputs (maximum 96 KHz, 24 bit)
-usb input (speakers are recognized as a sound card)(a little bit odd: maximum 48 KHz, 24 bits)
-analog inputs (asymmetrical cinch)
-digital crossover
-digital power amplifiers
-analog mono subwoofer output
-remote control with volume, bass, treble, input selection, on-off
-more settings possible in menu, for example balance, low-cutoff-frequency

the models are:
nuPro A-100, A-200, A-300, A-500 and A-700 (the latter 2 are floorstanders).

For what it's worth: They all get outstanding reviews, for example the German magazine Stereoplay concludes that the A-700 (2530 Euro pairprice) is the best active floorstanding speaker under 10,000 Euro pairprice.

The character of these speakers is said to be very neutral, studio-monitor like.


(uhum, I was just now checking out the site and to my surprise I didn't find an Englisch section, it's all in German as far as I can see. I can understand if that's a problem but decided to go ahead with this post anyway because these speakers seem to be very interesting.)
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